Chocolato Espresso

Venezuelan musician, Rafa Godoy, brings together a fusion of folk, rock and world music in this exciting new album. Having migrated to Australia 13 years ago to start a new life, Rafa follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, a famous composer from Colombia, providing a blend of powerful guitar and captivating vocals. Bringing together his journey of music with artists from around the world, Rafa has produced a mix of catchy melodies about his love of coffee, and wine, everyday life, music, relationships and good times. Rafa has two commercial releases through The Planet Company and has performed at major folk festivals around Australia including the Port Fairy and Canberra National Folk Festivals. With his music growing in popularity and a charming demeanour, Rafa’s new album Chocolato Espresso is not to be missed!

Chocolato Espresso - Rafa Godoy